About me

Daša Gradišek’s love for music has been present since birth as she was born into a musical family. Her mother teaches music and piano and her father plays the guitar and is a great singer. Her grandfather was the headmaster of the music school of Litija, plays the saxophone and is an excellent teacher of music. Her grandmother was also a teacher at the music school and sings as well. Considering all of this, its not surprising that Daša chose the music path already as y young girl, although her parents tried to steer her to a more ‘normal’ profession. Daša has always been a very lively and inquisitive girl. There’s nothing she would rather do than to perform, sing and play the piano.

Daša had her first concert, a classical one, at the tender age of 11. Her mentor at the time was her mother. She played concerts until the age of 16. At the age of 13 she had her first appearance in the TV show called ‘Pod Klobukom’, which was aired on the national TV station under the moderation of Mr Hvala. It was under her supervision that she took her first steps in live singing performances and media exposure at the ‘Korajža velja‘ festival.

At the age of 17, Daša won in the musical show ‘Orion’ on SLO1 with the song ‘Kje Si’ which was written for her by a well-known slovenian musician Tomaž Kozlevčar. 2 years later she won convincingly in the talent show ‘Supernova multitalents’ on TV3. During her high school years she performed a lot in Germany and Austria with the group ’Veter’ and has so earned a lot of performing experience. Furthermore she was a member of the singing trio in the show ‘piramida’, season2008/2009, on SLO1. She was regularly present in the media as the lead singer in the pop band ‘GLAM’. The common living and creative experience with the band members Bojan Zupančič and Igor Matkovič was an unforgettable time where she learned a lot and was without a doubt a very exciting period.

In 2008 they conquered the radio waves with their first single ‘ Nad Mestom’. Later that year they won 2. place with’ Najino Nebo’ at the MMC competition on RTV SLO. Futhermore, in 2009, they won the prize ‘Glasbeni diamant’ for best new band.

In 2010 Daša moved to Switzerland and continued her career as a solo performer and pianist. She performed in several jazz and pop casts throughout Europe. She mostly performed in the club scene, but also entertained big firms such as Lisca, Sparkasse, Eucerin, swiss society of plastic surgery...

She also collaborated with Dejan Radičevič, a Slovenian producer, who produced her first solo single ‘V Prelepi Ljubljani’ in 2011. The song became a hit when she was joined by the rapper Radič and the song got a new aspect and title ’Dopusti si (V prelepi Ljubljani)’.

One of the highlights of her professional career was when she was asked to participate in the legendary pop band ‘Plavi Orkestar’ from Sarajevo, by the multi-talented musician and singer Saša Lošić. She accepted and was part of their tours as pianist between 2010 and 2013 throughout the Balkans and could gain enormous experience as well as a lot of good memories.

The biggest boost in popularity came when she performed in the TV show ‘Znan obraz ima svoj glas’ which was aired on POP TV between March and June 2014. The wider Slovenian public followed her and her competitors every Sunday for 12 weeks, as she slipped into the role of a famous singer and proved her acting, impersonation and vocal capabilities.

Daša’s total dedication to music and her persistent character are leading her towards further musical challenges and success.